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The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation

The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation
The Innovative Training You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation is unique. I tell you things in this course that nobody else is talking about, such as:

  • How to use improvisation to transform your emotions
  • How to instill comfort and confidence into your playing
  • How to identify your highest priority when creating music

Of course, you will also learn basics, like creating coherence in your improvisations and matching what you hear mentally to what you play on your instrument.

“Polaris” by Jeffrey Chappell, performed by Otherworld

Learn The Natural Way

The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation develops your abilities in a natural series of steps. First, you gain total understanding of the benefits of improvisation. Then you master the techniques of improvisation. Finally, you conquer the most common barriers that people come up against.

The Obvious Secret About Improvising

You are improvising right now. It’s what you do most of the time. Maybe you’re having a conversation, or making a sandwich, or driving a car. You don’t know what will happen next. You don’t have a script. Yet, all day long, you successfully respond to all kinds of situations.

How can you plug this everyday functioning into playing music? Since you already are an improviser, all you need is the right information. I can give that to you. The rest is easy. And fun.

And Best Of All…

Improvisation is the quickest, most fundamental way to prove to yourself that you are musical. Yet it requires:

  • no reading
  • no memorizing
  • no practicing
  • no technical difficulties
  • no theoretical knowledge
  • And because you aren’t playing from a printed page, there are—no mistakes

What could be better?

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I Thought, But Was Surprised

I thought this course might be long, boring, and tedious. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Jeffrey, thank you for being an awesome teacher and making The Definitive Guide to Mastering Music Improvisation. It will be training that I remember for a long time.

Christine Y.


A Great Video Course

The Definitive Guide to Mastering Music Improvisation is a great course! I was able to rediscover and maintain my musicality as a musician and as a person. It has helped me to take the first step in realizing that music is a part of me and that I should truly cherish it.

Pamela B.


I Was Really Nervous

I was really nervous to be in front of everyone in the class and play an improvisation. However, once I started playing, I became really engrossed in the music. I let the music surround me and I went along with it. Everything seemed to fall away when I was playing except the music. It brought me a sense of peace and took me to a place I have never experienced before. For the first time in my life, I understood what it must feel like to be a real musician and be completely in love with music.

Mitra S.


Different From Any Other Webcast

Today was different from any other music seminar that I have ever taken. I usually don’t enjoy music classes, because they are mostly theoretical and historical. I was expecting another of these “blah-blah-blah” lessons. Anyway, I felt this seminar was completely opposite. Jeffrey interacted with us and shared his experiences in music. He explained new terms in a very simple way. I felt comfortable with my peers and confident with this seminar in general. When Jeffrey played a piece of music for us, I felt like closing my eyes and traveling to those landscapes where the waterfalls and rainbow find each other.

Helen K.


Nothing Short of Life-Changing

The three-hour seminar with my composition students was nothing short of life-changing for them as you unlocked aspects of composing for the piano that they had never before considered. That you spent so much focused individual time with each of them made an indelible impression on us all. You made each student aware of his/her gifts as a young composer. The way you offered criticism was supportive and non-threatening, and you did it with a grace that proved to them beyond any doubt that you were their ally.

Dr. James Grant

Assistant Professor of Music, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

Highest Admiration

I have the highest admiration for Jeffrey Chappell’s artistry. He has a complete command of the piano, and his repertoire is large and unusually varied. His refined technique and communicative skills are equally strong in Mozart, Chopin, Ravel, and Brubeck. In addition, Jeffrey has a most inquiring mind and has probed a wide range of subjects both in and outside the field of music. He is a warm and congenial person with a high degree of professional ethics.

Dr. Charles Timbrell

Professor of Music Howard University, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Mastery at Teaching

I have marveled at Jeffrey Chappell’s ability to reflect the true meaning of The Levine School of Music’s ‘faculty/performer’ to the highest quality level. His dedication to teaching his students in an inspiring manner, balanced with his international performance career is a tribute to his extraordinary professionalism. I have received more letters/comments from parents and the students in Jeffrey’s studio that rave about his rapport with his students, and his ability to inspire the students to push themselves “beyond” what they believed that could accomplish pianistically. His students always received the highest remarks/scores in their juries, and were exquisitely prepared for the student recitals they participated in. I also witnessed Jeffrey’s mastery at teaching not only of our private piano students, but traditional and jazz theory and ensembles — all levels, all skills, all ages. Jeffrey did it with not only panache but with excellence and innovation — always willing to find unique ways to inspire our students.

Gina Di Medio Marrazza

Director (former), The Levine School of Music Maryland Campus, Rockville, Maryland

Razor Sharp

The ensemble’s best quality was its improvisatory skill. Chappell’s solo was razor sharp.



Some rise above their colleagues in how well and originally they communicate. One of the latter is Jeffrey Chappell. He ended his program with a reading of Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit which was one ofthe finest this writer has heard.



With the world premiere of his piano sonata, ´On The Wing´, Mr. Chappell weaves jazz and classical music ideas together in a composition that leaves a listener feeling airborne. The second movement is the most spellbinding.


Infectious Grace

There was an infectious grace to his art. It fell easily upon the ears, slipping into the heart like an enchantment. He caught the essence of Mozart´s classical style in fluid, transparent playing of tensile strength and radiant ease, always balanced, never a muscle showing. The sharpness of his rhythmic sense and the seeming spontaneity of his responses carried echoes of the jazz world. (Mozart Concerto K. 503)


A Few Hours Notice

On a few hours notice, he replaced an ailing Claudio Arrau and performed, without benefit of rehearsal, the mighty Brahms Second Concerto. Chappell came through with flying colors and won a standing ovation.


About Music Everybody

Music Everybody specializes in trend-setting innovations in music education and affirms every person’s potential to be a total musician.

We identify the four musical personality types–improviser, composer, arranger, and interpreter–and impart the skills for their creative fulfillment.

We provide inspiration, guidance, and attainable techniques that will grow your musicality, fill in the gaps left by your previous training, and awaken the music inside you in ways that you never anticipated.

Music Everybody says that every person is musical. Your own natural way of relating to music is called musicality.

Music Everybody video courses and seminars show you how to put your musicality into action.

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